Acora in its current form was established through the rebranding of ADA in 2011 in order to support positioning and future strategies focusing on taking ownership of the UK mid-market. Originally a traditional reseller business when founded by CEO David Rabson in 1986, upon completion by Rabson of an MBO in 2006 the business was transformed, beginning to target multi-year contract IT services with a stronger service-centric business model. Through delivering sustainable and measurable business gains over a three year period for customers, Acora has achieved compound annual interest of 15% on gross profit and expanded the team to more than 169 time-served professionals.

The client services team is on the frontline when it comes to building and maintaining great client relationships, backed up by the support services team on hand to resolve any issues and driven onwards by the business excellence team committed to improving services across all departments. These are just three of the eleven teams that make up the Acora family, each of which is populated with experts in their chosen field and fully on board with the company’s world class quality of service at every stage.